Jennifer Steinman

Jennifer Steinman, Co-Founder of the film production company, Smush Media, has over 14 years of experience in television and filmmaking. She has established herself professionally as a creative storyteller, with a keen sense of pace and timing and the ability to tap into the heart and emotion of a story.  Steinman began her career as a Film Editor at CBS, both in New York and San Francisco. Her work has aired nationally on PBS, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Showtime’s Sundance Channel, The Food Network, and many other television networks.  Her films have been accepted into many major film festivals including South by Southwest, Rotterdam, and Sundance.

Steinman's most recent documentary film, the award-winning "Motherland," explores the timeless subjects of grief and healing through the story of a very unique journey. When six women from the US—all of whom have experienced the loss of a child—travel together to volunteer with children in need in South Africa, they find an opportunity to experience their pain as a part of a community, and to find healing through service to others. In South Africa, where the AIDS epidemic leaves no one without a story of loss, the mothers learn from another culture how solidarity and shared suffering promote healing and grace.  While Steinman's film focuses specifically on the grieving processes of these six women, it illuminates universal lessons about grief and healing across diverse cultures. Ultimately it is a story about resilience, triumph of the human spirit and the power of unconditional love.


"Incredibly moving and inspiring. An Oscar contender for sure."
- Jeffrey Lyons, KNBC

"Motherland is the most moving film I've seen this year. It brings tears to the eyes engendering empathy while encouraging your heart to soar to new levels of understanding, solace and possibility."

- Omar Moore,


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