Jason Stout

Jason Stout is Founder and Director of Heroic Journey, a 7 day Outward Bound wilderness program and model that is designed to connect, build grit, and inspire hope in high school teens, young adults, and their families.  He is a grief educator, trainer, and peer support facilitator.  Jason also serves as the Outreach Manager for the Colorado Outward Bound School.

What started out as a  small group of Denver area teens, a couple of Outward Bound instructors, a grief counselor, and Jason going into the Colorado wilderness to face their grief together has now grown into National Outward Bound program that has changed the lives of more than 600 high school teens and college aged adults.

As a child, Jason’s sister died from a brain disorder, his grandmother was murdered, and he found his father dead from a heart attack.  Two days later, Jason along with his 8th grade classmates, were horrified to watch the Challenger Space Shuttle explode on live TV. The world seemed ruthless to Jason and he continued to struggle with his grief well into his young adult years.

Then when Jason was struggling most, a good friend invited him on a Class V River trip that would open him up to a whole new world of possibility.  From then on Jason turned towards the wilderness for answers and along the way he encountered a grizzly bear, was chased by moose, and spent 78 days in the wilderness on an Outward Bound semester course where he discovered his resilience and the power of mindset to overcome grief and life’s challenges. 
Since then, Jason has helped hundreds of teens, adults, and families find their own power to heal through presentations, workshops, peer support groups, and Outward Bound Heroic Journey.  As the Outreach and Education Manager for a Denver based grief support non-profit, Jason built school based support groups throughout the Denver area. By combining grief education, with his hands-on, experiential style, Jason has been successful at breaking down barriers, bringing people together, and building a supportive environment, where participants can explore their own possibilities.

Jason has presented at the National Alliance for Grieving Children Symposium, International Association of Experiential Education Conference and will be a Featured Speaker at The Compassionate Friends 2013 National Conference. In addition, he regularly presents on grief awareness and facilitates grief support workshops to schools, universities, businesses, and groups throughout the Denver area.

Jason was profiled in May Backpacker Magazines “Hero” segment and has been featured on the front page of the Denver Post and in the Associated Press.  He has also appeared on CNN News and in several documentaries on grief including Stand Up To Cancer and Mortal Lessons which aired on PBS in 2009.

Jason is dedicated to a life mission that builds connection, gives hope and healing, while also inspiring people to be open to the possibilities that exist within all of us. 

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