Deborah Grassman

Deborah Grassman, The Country's Foremost Expert on Hospice and Veteran's Affairs issues. Deborah Grassman is a Nurse Practitioner. Her career at Bay Pines VA in St. Petersburg, Florida lasted for nearly 30 years, where she was the Director of the Hospice program and personally took care of 10,000 dying veterans. She recently retired from the VA and now provides education and consultation throughout the country. Deborah’s contribution toward advancing End-of-Life care in this country is described by NHPCO. On their website, they write: "Deborah's work has dramatically and almost singlehandedly increased awareness of Veterans and their unique end-of-life issues. Additionally, her insights into the family’s experience offers perspectives for understanding how these experiences can impact and complicate grief and bereavement."

Deborah's book, Peace at Last: Stories of Hope and Healing for Veterans, is used by multiple agencies to learn about the effects of past trauma on the quality of a person’s dying process, the influence of the various cultures of war on dying veterans, stoicism, and warrior wisdom. She has a new book, The Hero Within: Redeeming the Destiny We were Born to Fulfill which describes the processes of abiding, reckoning, and beholding our interior hero. Her books are available through

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