Andrew Morgan

Andrew has spent his life focused on one thing: telling stories that make us feel. Andrew's latest film adventure includes the soon-to-be-released documentary, "After The End", a beautiful story about the potential for loss to reveal both hope and extraordinary love in our lives.

Andrew's desire to better understand the journey of loss came following a tragic accident which took the life of his father. Instead of falling into despair, Andrew called upon his own resources as a filmmaker. He sought out the opinions and teaching of our country's leading grief experts and captured their wisdom on film. As well, he interviewed others profoundly touched by grief and loss. What he came to learn and will share with us is the incredible hope and love that so often is available to us as we find meaning in what we often see as the most horrific of life experiences: the death of someone we love.

Andrew is an award winning writer/director of several films, shorts and commercial projects. Career highlights include leading production for Atlanta-based Realview TV, founding the media based non-profit Broken Voices, and serving as creative director for LA based Untold Creative. Andrew lives in Los Angeles with his wife Emily, their four children, and a pug named Petunia.

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