Open to Hope; Inspirational Stories of Healing After Loss

Losing a loved one can be an intensely isolating experience. At times you may feel as if you are the only person who has ever known such anguish. Helping you find hope again is our mission in Open to Hope: Inspirational Stories of Healing After Loss. Whether your loved one died last week or last decade, we know you can benefit from the wisdom of those who have negotiated the long days and nights of the grief journey. That's why we created the Open to Hope Foundation, a content-rich, heart-based online forum to help people cope with their pain, heal their grief, and begin investing in their futures. Compiled in this book are entries written by more than one hundred contributors to the foundation's website. By reading about their experiences, may you find similar paths to healing. It is our heartfelt hope that as you read, you will think, If they can make it, so can I. We too have grieved deeply and know what it's like to experience dark days with no light to lead us. Whenever you run out of hope and can't find the light to guide you, we invite you to lean on our hope until you find your own.

Author: Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Heidi Horsley