Authentic Patriotism

America is in trouble. And only a nationwide movement of volunteerism and civic action will reverse the nation's course. Quite apart from the prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in addition to the troubled economy, this nation is losing its quality of life and shared sense of purpose. One result is a level of need that has become staggering: 40 million people in poverty, 47 million people without health insurance, 3.5 million people homeless each year, more than one million bankruptcies a year. Another result is a sense of disconnection that people feel — distress, anxiety, and prolonged belief that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Government is too indebted to solve these problems, and the chaotic scrum of politics inspires less public confidence every election cycle. The free market is likewise unable to lift a people as it did in the past; economic gains bestow great wealth on a few while increased debt and financial insecurity are the inheritance of many. Fortunately there is an answer: a re-engagement of the American people in sustaining the strength of their country. This book tells the story of 60 people – seven of them in depth – who saw a problem and decided it should not be allowed to persist in a nation as great as the United States. Starting without money, fame or power, these people developed organizations, recruited followers, cultivated funding sources, and made a visible difference. Quite literally, they helped to improve this nation. Their stories – in realms as different as health care, scientific research, criminal justice, race relations, the environment and many more — are inspirational. The stories are also educational, for they show the path that all of us can follow if we care enough to commit ourselves to America’s well-being.

Authentic Patriotism wins book award

The Nautilus Awards, which recognize books that encourage personal growth for a stronger society and world gave Authentic Patriotism a silver medal.

Author: Stephen Kiernan